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[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 021

Keywords: games; print; atari; spectrum; ink; computer; software; goto; game; video; video games; sinclair spectrum; machine code; atari vcs; donkey kong; high score; computer games; arcade game; full colour; seventh empire
Downloads: 2,181
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 040

Keywords: game; software; erm; ihe; atari; commodore; games; graphics; screen; spectrum; sound effects; full instructions; bug hunter; video games; screen display; psi creatures; jump challenge; jet set; ice shards; high score
Downloads: 1,982
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 023

Keywords: games; ihe; game; atari; software; spectrum; crll; print; computer; video; video games; machine code; low price; arcade game; computer games; bbc model; software house; seventh empire; ihe game; games news
Downloads: 1,901
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 027

Keywords: ond; games; ihe; spectrum; software; game; adventure; bbc; computer; ore; video games; keith campbell; machine code; donkey kong; bbc model; style game; mail order; disk drive; arcade action; theme graphics
Downloads: 1,857
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 031

Keywords: games; game; ihe; spectrum; software; atari; commodore; print; lor; computer; video games; machine code; jet set; spectrum price; software houses; gold collection; set willy; disk drive; atari vcs; arcade action
Downloads: 1,589
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 003

Keywords: games; print; ihe; mta; computer; erm; program; atari; cass; game; video games; xxxx xxxx; apple disk; treasure trove; personal computer; mta mta; apple cass; video genie; acorn atom; pet cass
Downloads: 1,579
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 126

Keywords: ihe; game; games; super; ond; sonic; gome; thai; amiga; nintendo; super nintendo; gome boy; master system; super famicom; jump upwards; game boy; game gear; doctor zone; widest gap; levels menu
Downloads: 1,553
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 054

Keywords: ihe; spectrum; software; game; adventure; atari; commodore; games; lor; graphics; preditor preditor; keith campbell; red zoid; laser basic; machine code; video games; ideas central; critical mass; sound effects; roller coaster
Downloads: 1,492
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 028

Keywords: print; games; poke; software; spectrum; game; ihe; goto; program; computer; video games; print ink; machine code; print print; sound effects; call color; video game; ram pack; high score; full instructions
Downloads: 1,336
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 026

Keywords: games; game; software; style game; machine code; atari; computer; program; spectrum; graphics; call char; video games; video; user defined; arcade game; video game; defined graphics; atari vcs; arcade style
Downloads: 1,333
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 017

Keywords: ihe; game; games; atari; spectrum; computer; software; lor; tht; screen; video games; seventh empire; posit ion; arcade game; play ability; machine code; bbc model; video game; ram pack; spectrum facts
Downloads: 1,330
[texts]Mean Machines Sega Magazine Issue 04

Keywords: sega; megadrive; game; games; super; sonic; ond; tor; ovirall; ore; master system; game gear; super nes; sega megadrive; usa usa; mega drive; super kick; super nintendo; street fighter; neo geo
Downloads: 1,228
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 063

Keywords: ihe; ond; game; thai; vou; atari; spectrum; commodore; software; yoy; software houses; graphic adventure; vera cruz; winter wonderland; video games; space harrier; repair centre; red cross; red leader; randomize usr
Downloads: 1,228
[texts]Mean Machines Sega Magazine Issue 02

Keywords: game; sega; super; games; sonic; megadrive; ond; erm; usa; ihe; master system; game gear; super nes; super monaco; road rash; super nintendo; mega drive; chuck rock; street fighter; olympic gold
Downloads: 1,140
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 022

Keywords: games; game; atari; software; ihe; spectrum; color; print; lor; video games; machine code; software house; jumping jack; computer games; video game; lower case; spectrum price; fire button; donkey kong
Downloads: 1,094
[texts]Computer and Video Games 1984 Special

Keywords: print; poke; ink; goto; return; game; games; program; theh; cls; print print; basic command; print ink; cls print; video games; print trb; basic function; user defined; machine code; beacon star
Downloads: 1,070
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 024

Keywords: games; ihe; plot; game; software; print; atari; goto; spectrum; video games; drtr bin; machine code; print print; donkey kong; assembly language; ram pack; high score; video game; software library
Downloads: 1,042
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 010

Keywords: ihe; games; atari; print; computer; goto; ram; game; program; graphics; video games; high resolution; machine code; hardware required; ram pack; bbc micro; basic command; software software; rom rom; personal computer
Downloads: 1,042
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 106 (2001-09)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 106 (2001-09)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pubusher; pcz; ttie; gaming; graphics; multiplayer; gameplay; tech specs; sudden strike; unreal tournament; street price; system processor; vat manufacturer; minimum system; specs minimum; dennis publishing; star wars
Downloads: 1,033
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 069

Keywords: ihe; ond; software; atari; thai; msx; commodore; lor; spectrum; vou; msx msx; living daylights; james bond; software theft; send sae; path demon; indiana jones; hot gossip; ftp ftp; disk drive
Downloads: 1,033
[texts]The Games Machine Issue 21

Keywords: tgm; amiga; ttie; games; software; tor; atari; game; centre bytes; lor; shadow software; indiana jones; game boy; word processors; word processor; warranty three; computers repaired; peripherals repaired; disk drives
Downloads: 1,030
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 052

Keywords: data; goto; return; ond; tha; ihe; lor; iha; spectrum; fleet street; drtr drtr; street editor; operation kristos; theh goto; post haste; low level; theh gosu; road london; return rem
Downloads: 1,027
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 088 (2000-04)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 088 (2000-04)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pcz; zone; publisher; quake; star; apr; internet; unreal tournament; star wars; tech specs; tomb raider; quake iii; star trek; specs minimum; minimum system; grand prix; system processor
Downloads: 1,022
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 016

Keywords: print; goto; games; ihe; poke; url; atari; bbc; endproc; video games; endproc def; print print; ram pack; data data; goto url; trb url; machine code; carry flag; bbc micro
Downloads: 1,014
[texts]Computer and Videogames Magazine Issue 028

Keywords: games; spectrum; software; computer; atari; arcade; tel; game; bbc; print; data data; bbc micro; video games; spectrum dealer; machine code; local spectrum; melbourne house; disk drive; print ink; arcade action
Downloads: 1,012
[texts]Computer and Videogames Magazine Issue 037

Keywords: software; games; game; msx; spectrum; adventure; computer; commodore; arcade; graphics; jet set; computer games; adventure game; msx basic; tape tabs; computer game; fast loading; video games; sound effects; software projects
Downloads: 1,003
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 009

Keywords: print; ihe; games; goto; ram; computer; program; graphics; game; video games; cas cas; ram pack; machine code; hardware required; acorn atom; video genie; mail order; high resolution; space invaders
Downloads: 1,002
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 041

Keywords: game; adventure; software; games; spectrum; atari; commodore; ihe; graphics; computer; keith campbell; scott adams; spectrum software; video games; simon marsh; star wars; games including; fire button; english software; arcade games
Downloads: 988
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 123

Keywords: ihe; tor; lor; game; cvg; games; amiga; tht; graphics; atari; master system; tim boone; game gear; super nes; graphics sounds; super famicom; silica systems; paul rand; super mario; sounds playability
Downloads: 965
[texts]Mean Machines Sega Magazine Issue 12

Keywords: sega; game; megadrive; sonic; games; ond; ihe; lor; ore; mega; game gear; master system; chuck rock; street fighter; road rash; megadrive review; time zones; sega megadrive; mega drive; current fave
Downloads: 964
[texts]The Games Machine Issue 31

Keywords: amiga; game; tgm; atari; graphics; spectrum; ttie; games; tgm june; thai; colour monitor; system amiga; electronic arts; sonic boom; space ace; level level; rock star; sound effects; highway patrol
Downloads: 957
[texts]The Games Machine Issue 32

Keywords: amiga; game; games; tgm; graphics; flight; arcade; atari; tgm july; computer; board games; stealth fighter; sound effects; teenage mutant; cup soccer; dynasty wars; virgin mastertronic; kill man; software houses
Downloads: 950
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 014

Keywords: games; computer; vat; atari; game; software; spectrum; poke; ram; ihe; video games; ret urn; machine code; bbc model; video game; skill levels; rom rom; atari vcs; arcade game; power supply
Downloads: 918
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 124

Keywords: ihe; games; super; game; amiga; lor; cvg; tor; swap; thai; double dragon; super nes; games including; amstrad cpc; super mario; paul rand; master system; game gear; super famicom; neo geo
Downloads: 900
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 011

Keywords: games; print; bbc; game; program; atari; poke; computer; hardware required; video games; bbc model; bbc micro; sinclair cassette; machine code; print tab; arcade game; program power
Downloads: 870
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 08

Keywords: atari; game; amiga; spectrum; commodore; disk; software; games; tgm; offer; base colours; special offers; disk offer; football manager; amstrad cpc; version update; software houses; dark side; games machine; bulletin boards
Downloads: 865
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 019

Keywords: games; atari; spectrum; software; computer; game; video; lor; print; video games; machine code; memory location; print print; atari vcs; addressing modes; spectrum low; seventh empire; low price; data data
Downloads: 862
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 096 (2000-12)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 096 (2000-12)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; pcz; online; zone; publisher; multiplayer; dec; quake; graphics; tech specs; system processor; minimum system; specs minimum; unreal tournament; star trek; grand prix; flight sim; midtown madness; sudden strike
Downloads: 848
[texts]Computer and Video Games Magazine Issue 008

Keywords: ihe; games; ram; computer; program; screen; print; software; game; cas cas; video games; ram pack; video genie; plane position; ready built; machine code; high resolution; acorn atom; scroll print
Downloads: 847
[texts]Mean Machines Sega Magazine Issue 03

Keywords: ond; games; sega; megadrive; ore; game; gome; super; sonic; lor; master system; game gear; super nes; super monaco; street fighter; john madden; mega drive; win win; sega megadrive; sega master
Downloads: 845
[texts]Electronic Games Magazine (March 1982)
Electronic Games Magazine, Volume 1, Number 2, March 1982. Switch On!, Readers Replay, Inside Gaming, Test Lab, Arcade Spotlight, Q&A, The History of Videogames, New Products, Electronic Games Hotline, Slaying Dragons, The Making of an Arcade Machine, The Players Guide to Electronic Science Fiction Games, 1981 Arcade Awards, Computer Playland, Passport to Adventure, Strategy Session, Programmable Parade, Insert Coin Here, Stand-Alone Scene, Crime Does Not Pay, Reader Poll.
Keywords: games; electronic; atari; game; odyssey; videogame; players; computer; arcade; electronic games; science fiction; video game; electronic gaming; video games; space invaders; programmable videogame; star raiders; missile command; computer game
Downloads: 834
[texts]The Games Machine Issue 10

Keywords: atari; offer; game; games; amiga; spectrum; tgm; software; amstrad cpc; commodore; computer games; big apple; version update; electronic arts; software house; software houses; games machine; personal computer; amstrao cpc
Downloads: 826
[texts]Computer and Video Games 1985 Special

Keywords: print; ihe; games; ond; computer; game; dirk; return; adventure; call call; video games; computer games; return rem; sword button; full time; top ten; golden joystick; bug hunter; best selling
Downloads: 820
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 091 (2000-07)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 091 (2000-07)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; online; pcz; zone; publisher; quake; gameplay; interactive; combat; wing commander; space combat; red alert; star wars; star trek; tech specs; system processor; specs minimum; minimum system; flight sim
Downloads: 820
[texts]The Games Machine Issue 34

Keywords: game; amiga; games; atari; graphics; software; disks; tgm; tgm september; arcade; super famicom; sega megadrive; game boy; sound effects; sam coupe; games cga; operation stealth; time machine; rainbow arts
Downloads: 812
[texts]Electronic Games Magazine Winter Premiere Issue
Electronic Games Magazine Winter Premiere Issue. The first issue of Electronic Games magazine. Switch On!: Welcome to Electronic Games, Readers Replay, Inside Gaming: Playing 'Chicken' with David Crane, Meet the Editors, Electronic Games Hotline (Atari confirms rumor: secret messages exist!, Atari report, Asteroids, Red Baron, Tourney offers $50,000 in rewards, Activision close-up, Computer Upgrade, Cosmos Put on the Shelf, Odyssey Outlook, GOTO Computer Camp, Here Come the Videogame Clubs, Toda...
Keywords: electronic; game; games; atari; videogame; arcade; gamers; computer; players; space; space invaders; electronic games; color computer; star raiders; science fiction; dark tower; missile command; commercial arcade; atari vcs; video game
Downloads: 806
[texts]Mean Machines Sega Magazine Issue 05

Keywords: sega; game; megadrive; ond; games; sonic; super; tor; ore; gear; game gear; master system; street fighter; super kick; road rash; super nes; mickey mouse; mail order; mega drive; john madden
Downloads: 806
[texts]PC Zone - Issue 089 (2000-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
PC Zone - Issue 089 (2000-05)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Keywords: game; games; ttie; pcz; pubusher; unreal; graphics; online; gaming; ram; unreal tournament; tech specs; specs minimum; star wars; minimum system; system processor; final fantasy; strategy games; strategy game; star trek
Downloads: 801
[texts]Mean Machines Sega Magazine Issue 40

Keywords: sega; saturn; game; games; mega; ihe; virtua; arcade; gus; graphics; mega drive; virtua fighter; games including; game gear; drive games; dark saviour; baku baku; virtua cop; vampire hunter; mortal kombat
Downloads: 797
[texts]The Games Machine Magazine Issue 12

Keywords: offer; atari; amiga; games; disk; software; tgm; game; commodore; amstrad; red storm; storm rising; dtak offer; disk drive; disk offer; amiga dtak; amstrao cpc; version update; amstrad cpc; commodore amiga
Downloads: 780
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